"The Queen of Things Discarded & Forgotten" -Art Assemblage (Close Up)
"The Queen of Things Discarded & Forgotten" -Art Assemblage (Side view)
"The Queen of Things Discarded & Forgotten" -Art Assemblage (Side view)
"The Queen of Things Discarded & Forgotten" -Art Assemblage
"Man or Machine?" -Art Assemblage
"Collector Bee" -Art assemblage/Box art
"Bee Queen" -Art assemblage/Box Art
"Cyclopean Goddess of Gears"
"Little Green Aviator" -Art assemblage piece
"1,2,3 Crow!"
"Algebra is Hard" Bot
"Crow (Squared)"
"Obo" Bot
"Owl (Glasses)"
"(You gave me) My wooden heart"
"Devil Monkey Bot"
"Disco Monkey Bot"
"(Winged) One-eyed Devil Bot"
"Cyclopean Goddess of Games"
"Abstract Owl"
"AC Bot (Anatomically Correct)"
"Busy Bee"
"Angel of Music, Money and Metal"
"Mechanical Bird" (Side profile)
"Bits and Bobs" Bug
"Space Bug"
"Blackbird (Rulers)"
"Ted" Robot Employee of the Month
"Cheeky Monkey" Bot
"Chicken Bot"
"Crow (with box)"
"Crow (Numbers)"
"Flippin the Bird"
"Jester Bot"
"Hypno Bot"
"Guardian of Gears"
"Jet pack"
"Ooh La La Bug" -Recycled art assemblage
"King of Collectibles"
"Metal Man"
"Martian Bot"
"Media Bug"
"Nice Doggy?"
"Metal Owl"
"Nerd Bot"
"Night Parade"
"Ol' Blue Eye (Rusty Bot)"
"Owl Fly Away"
"Mechanical Peacock"
"Home (Keys)"
"Harold" Robot Employee of the month
"Queen Bee Bot II"
"Red Dragon"
"Crow Bot"
"My robot wears glasses"
"Larry the Robot"
"Mod Girl"
"The Pacific Northwest Rust Bug"
"Sleeping Crow"
"Sir Evanrude the Dragonfly"
"Skull (Flowers and stars)"
"Slideshow by moonlight"
"Squiggy, the big-eyed bug"
"Spotted Dick"
"Steampunk Bug"
"Space Monkey Bot"
"Slideshow Crow"
"He liked to shake his tail feathers"
"Time Bot"
"Zap Gun-3,2,1"
"Time Flies (Brown Bird)"
"Mechanical Owl"
"Spirit of '77"
"Free (Stylin') Bird"
"The Scavengers"
"Queen Bee Bot"
"You little devil"
"She was feeling confident today"
"Tin Man Time Lord"
"Jack, The Grumpy Monster King"
"Mohawk Bot"
"King Hoot"
"Little Green Man from Pasadena"
"No one knew how scared he was inside"
"She's trying to keep everything balanced"
"Right size, wrong place"
"Her timing was always off"
"Crow (Spare parts)"
"Baby Blue's first flight"
"World Traveler"
"Owl (Blue and Grey)"
"She was expected to give a hoot"
"Aunt Bee"
"The Collectors"
"Metal Medusa"
"Bug Bug"
"Owl (Film reel)"
"Metal Bug"
"Owl (Numbers)"
"Night Owl"
"Bunny Bot"
"Level Headed?"
"Nothin' frilly about it!"
"Cyclopean Medusas" (Triptych)
"Salvaged Sanctuary"
"Owl (Crooked Crown)"
"Paper Owl"
"Rustic Bird"
"Mr. & Mrs. Shorty Bot"
"Pinky, the lovely ladybug"
"Starlight Bug"
"2 Bot" -Recycled art sculpture
"Robot Monkey" -Recycled art sculpture
"Lucky Monkey" -Recycled art assemblage
"Sanzaru" -Recycled art assemblage
"B.E.E.B.O.T." -Recycled art sculpture
"B.L.A.C.K.B.E.A.K." -Recycled art assemblage
"The Girl with the Spaceship Hat" -Recycled art assemblage
"J.U.N.K. Bot" -Recycled art assemblage
"Spider King" -Recycled art assemblage
"Cyclopean Firefly" -Recycled art assemblage
"King Skully"-Recycled art assemblage
"Shore Bird (Dreaming of the big one)" -Recycled art assemblage
"King of the Fireflies" -Recycled art assemblage
"The Turtle and the Dragonfly" -Recycled art assemblage
"Button Fairy Bot" -Art Assemblage piece
"The Salvaged Medusa" -Art assemblage piece
"R.O.B.O.T.S.K.U.L.L." -Art Assemblage piece
"Gotta Hot Date Bot" -Art assemblage piece
"Salvage Bot" -Art assemblage piece
"Beanie Bot" -Art Assemblage piece
"Metal Mouth" -Art assemblage piece
"Mini Bot" -Art assemblage piece
"Sugar Skull (Fall Foliage)" -Art assemblage piece
"The Queen & The Crows" -Art Assemblage piece
"Scot Bot" -Art assemblage piece
"Fish Fish" -Art Assemblage piece
"The Crow & The Skull" -Art assemblage piece
"Alligator Blue" -3D art assemblage
"R.O.B.O.T. (Unmasked) -Art assemblage piece
"The Crow & The Sunflower" -Art assemblage piece
"Time to Eat" -Art assemblage piece
"Queenie" -Art assemblage piece
"Rollerphant" -Art assemblage piece
"Top Bot" -Art assemblage piece
"Wheee!" -Art assemblage piece
"For Jack"
"Crow (1/2)" -Art assemblage piece
"Crow (Spoon)" -Art assemblage piece
"B.U.Z.Z. Bot" -Art assemblage pieces
"T.E.A.P.O.T. Bot" -Art Assemblage piece
"Mr. Blue" - Color Bot - Art assemblage
"Mr. Green" - Color Bot - Art assemblage
"Mr. Yellow - Color Bot - Art Assemblage
"Mr. Red" - Color Bot - Art Assemblage
"To the Moon & Back (For You)" - Art Assemblage
"Bumble" -Art assemblage
"Rustic Bee" -Art assemblage
"Box Bot" -Recycled art assemblage/Box art,
"Scrap Bot" -Art assemblage
"B.U.G." -Art assemblage
"B.E.E." -Art assemblage
"Fairy of Found Objects" -Art assemblage
"Gone Fishin" -Art assemblage/Box art (Top view)
"Gone Fishin" -Art assemblage/Box art (Inside view)
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