Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions that I'm asked quite often, if I haven't addressed a question or concern, please contact me.

1. What kind of materials do you use?

I use as many recycled materials as I can. I work mostly in metals and wood.  I use paint and recycled papers to add color and layers.  I love adding vintage buttons or game pieces for a whimsical touch.

2. Where do you get your materials?

My dad gets me a large percentage of my materials.  He loves to go to garage/estate sales, he's a collector himself.  I go to salvage places, garage/estate sales, donation centers and sometimes purchase items online to use in my pieces.

3. How do you affix your materials?

I start the piece with a wood panel or a box.  I will screw in as many of the heavy items as I can and then I use a strong adhesive for the rest.

4. Where do you work on your pieces?

I don't have a studio space so I work at our dining room table or my living room floor.  I have materials stored in drawers, closets and cabinets around the house and I use our garage to do some of the messier work.

5. How long does it take to make a piece?

It can take a couple of days to months to put a piece together.  Time, inspiration and materials all play a big part in the process. I spend a lot of time doing prep work, painting, covering boxes or panels with paper. Most of my pieces are layered,so I have to lay everything out in the beginning to see what steps to take to assemble the piece.  The assemblage process always changes the piece. Sometimes the piece cannot be put together the way I've laid it out or in the process of assembling it, the piece will end up taking a completely different direction.

6. What inspires you?

I'm inspired my many aspects of my life, but I'm mostly inspired by my materials.  I love working with metal, wood, vintage game pieces and children's blocks/toys.  A rusty tool or a wooden game piece can spark all kinds of creative ideas.  I either sketch out my ideas or just start picking materials and laying them out.

7.  How do you ship your pieces?

I ship with *USPS (United States Postal Service) Priority Mail with insurance and tracking.  I prefer Priority Mail so there is less time for the piece to bounce around on a truck from my home to yours.  I pack the box with foam and reusable/recyclable materials.  Since my pieces need extra packing materials to protect them, I forgo any wrapping paper/ribbon to make them look pretty. *(If it is an over sized piece, I will ship UPS).

8.  Do you ship internationally? 

Yes. Postal rates continually increase and I prefer that international buyers contact me so I can get them the best rate.  

9. Where do you sell your pieces?

I mostly sell my pieces in my Etsy shop.  I also participate in one or two gallery shows a year.  

10. Do you participate in bazaars, craft shows or fairs?

Not usually. My pieces are very heavy (and fragile). Traveling, having to pack and unpack them tends to cause a lot of wear and tear on them. My pieces present themselves best, either in a gallery setting or shipped straight to your home.

11.  How do I care for my piece?

I have a page on my website titled, "About your art piece" that will explain how to care for your piece.

12. Do you do custom orders?

Yes.  Please see the page on my website titled, "About Custom orders."

13. Can your pieces be hung outdoors?

No.  My pieces are made up of paint, paper and wood pieces that will not stand up to outdoor conditions.  I do not recommend hanging my pieces in kitchens or bathrooms either.

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